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The Grand Finale
finalPerhaps the top two places were already determined before the fifth and the last round but the race for the third place behind Europe and Asia was on. The two contenders, Russia-Turkey and Americas, were playing against each other and the winner of the match would get the third place. It was a very hard-fought battle which after some exciting moments ended up in a tie: 3-3. This meant Team Americas has secured the third place with 4 points, one point short of Team Asia who played the tournament without rest day only to finish one day earlier than others. In the other match of the day the champions, Team Europe, beat Africa 3,5-2,5 to finish the tournament with a perfect score.African players put up a good fight again and came close to getting their first point but it wasn't meant to be in the end.

Players attend GM Victor Bologan’s Master Class


The Master Class was a bonus event for the 31 players who traveled to Ankara, Turkey from 24 countries to participate in the first edition of this cup.

Photos & Report by Dora L. Martinez
Fourth Round
4.0The penultimate round has finished in Ankara and unfortunately the Confederation Cup will come to an end tomorrow. Today it was Russia- Turkey's turn to rest and we had two very important matches for the final standings. The match between Asia and Europe would determine the first two places and Africa-Americas match had the potential of being crucial for the competition for the third place. 

Third Round
3.1The third round saw two teams getting their first points in the cup. Russia-Turkey beat Africa 4,5-1,5 to get 2 points and Team Americas made a draw with Asia. After today's round Asia has 5 points, Europe with a match less than Asia at 4 followed by Russia-Turkey (2 pts). Americas has 1 point and Africa will be looking to earn their first points in the last two rounds.

Second Round
2nd round_15The second day in Ankara was almost like the first. The winners of the previous round -Asia and Europe- again won with the same scores today but against different teams of course. This leaves both teams at the top of the standings before the third round with 4 points whereas other teams are still looking forward to getting their first match points in the event.

First Round
C3FC16DE-B88C-4986-B2E3-71E08348DAA5After the opening ceremony finally it was time for action in Ankara! 

The first round saw two heavily fought matches in Ankara: Asia vs. Africa and Europe vs Russia-Turkey with Team America resting today. The competitive spirit of the players was absolutely laudable, in fact on two boards games lasted almost until the fifth hour. The fighting spirit didn't mean the lack of friendliness obviously, on the contrary the friendly exchanges between players outside the tournament hall, usually by the coffee break stand where there are delicious cookies to be found, were also worth seeing. 

2019 Confederation Cup for the Disabled People Has Started in Ankara
FIDE Confederation Cup for the Disabled People has officially started with the opening ceremony. The cup which is organized for the first time this year by FIDE with the support of Russian State Atomic Energy Cooperation (ROSATOM) will continue until December 14. Five teams, each consisting of six players with visual, auditory or physical disabilities coming from four different continents, namely America, Asia, Africa and Europe, will compete against each other in a friendly atmosphere. To emphasize the Russian-Turkish friendship one of the teams is called Russia-Turkey and it consists of 3 Russian and 3 Turkish players.
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