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Players attend GM Victor Bologan’s Master Class


The Master Class was a bonus event for the 31 players who traveled to Ankara, Turkey from 24 countries to participate in the first edition of this cup.

Photos & Report by Dora L. Martinez


GM Bologan gave a lecture on many aspects of top level play such as tactical weaknesses, critical moments and constructions, training and much more! The Master Class wrapped up
with a Q & A and participants had an opportunity to ask GM Bologan questions.

“Why is it important for you to support players with disabilities in this event?”
GM Victor Bologan answered, “I believe we have to share the knowledge. This is very important and its my first point. Second, I have a personal motivation for this. My elder daughter has very serious cerebral palsy; she cannot move, she cannot talk, she cannot do many things. We take her places we go and she is really a part of society. The same thing with chess, it can be a tool to be part of the world of chess, competition, travel, seeing otherpeople, discussing. Through chess, we don’t see limits, this is why I think its good to share the knowledge. Also, I don’t see a difference. When I was growing up in Moldova, I used to see chess players with disabilities and one player even managed to get a PHD, he’s a very good chess coach now. Also, we discussed in the DIS Commission, that we see the inclusion of players with disabilities not only as players but as Arbiters, Trainers and other chess activities.”

Another player asked GM Bologan for advice on how to teach his daughter, who has the same disability, to deal with loss in her own games. “I have two daughters, and my second daughter, who is 7 years old, has the same disability as me. She is interested in chess because it is the only sport that we can practice. But, she has trouble handling defeat. How can I advise her on how to deal with defeat in chess — she only wants to win.”

GM Bologan’s response was: “This is not related to a disability, this applies to all of us, no one likes to lose, not even the big boys. Take my advice about self confidence — you don’t have to be afraid of losing. Every decision you make is something you get for yourself, you mature, you grow, you get stronger. If you connect this with the analysis of every mistake, its a way to improvement. Then, psychologically, she will put it together. But, it is important that she senses this improvement and doesn’t repeat the mistakes. Once she sees this works, then she will make the adjustment. If you simply tell her to be confident, don’t lose the game, this doesn’t work. But, if you say, look you made this mistake, try to avoid it by doing this or this. If she does this — that will be her victory. The way we progress, this is our win. Then, the wins will come by themselves because you grow and it is natural — you turn the defeat into a win.”


Following the conclusion of the Master Class, players took a group photo and used this opportunity for selfies and individual photos with GM Bologan. The players were very happy to participate in the Masterclass and, if they were not already, quickly became fans of GM Bologan, expressing their appreciation at the conclusion of the class with a round of applause and much enthusiasm.

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