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Cristian Gonzalez Astete (CHI, ELO: 2162)
A man of multiple talents, Cristian Gonzalez Astete is not only a good chess player but also a Panamerican champion at table tennis. He’s back to tournament chess after a break and will shake off the rust in Ankara.
Özlem Erten (TUR, ELO: 1144)
Özlem Erten from Turkey has recently got into competitive chess but she seems to be progressing rapidly. This event will definitely make her a better player and who knows, maybe she will be up for some surprises as well? 
Ahmet Taha İnal (TUR, ELO: 1197)
Ahmet Taha İnal (18) has won numerous chess tournaments in Ankara. His most recent success was getting the 1st place in Çubuk New Year Chess Tournament.
Büşra Öztürk (TUR, ELO: 1019)

Büşra Öztürk (17) has got the second place in the Turkish Chess Championship for the Blind and Visually Impaired in 2019. She has been the winner of many local events in her hometown.

Handenur Şahin (TUR, ELO: 2014)

Handenur Şahin is one of the young stars of Turkish chess. She has not only won many medals in the national youth championships -including 1st prize in the u-18 category in 2015-­ but has also got the third place in Turkish Women’s Chess Championship in 2018. Handenur is now a successful student of political science at a respectable university thus a great role model for others who wish to combine academic success with a chess career.

Ata Bairamov (TKM, ELO: 1925)
Ata Bairamov (65) from Turkmenistan has got 3/6 points in the 16th ICCD World Championship in 2016 and despite being not too active recently he seems to have a decent level of playing strength.
Malihe Safaei (IRI, ELO: 1555)
Malihe Safaei is a national champion in Iran and plays with good results at the tournaments organized in her country. As a player with lots of tournament activity she is definitely not to be underestimated.
Tran Thi Bich Thuy (VIE, ELO: 1448)
The Vietnamese player hasn’t had much experience in tournament chess so far but will certainly try to bring her very best to this special event.
Aleksander Choroszej (POL, ELO: 2054)

The 31 years old Polish player has won the 7th ICCD Open Individual Chess Tournament with perfect score earlier this year and will look forward to continuing his winning ways in Ankara.

Dragan Moldovanovic (SRB, ELO: 1982)

Dragan Moldovanovic (48) is an ICCD (International Chess Committee of the Deaf) Board Member and works actively to promote chess for deaf people. However he also finds time to play at both ICCD events and also at Serbian tournaments and leagues.

Gavril Draghici Flutur (ESP, ELO: 2131)

Gavril Draghici Flutur (49) has been one of the best blind players in Spain for many years and this year he has got the first place at the national championship, for the second time overall. He is experienced, formidable and will prove to be one of the key players for Team Europe.

Victor Jose Abiad Parra (VEN, ELO: 1847)

Victor Abiad Parra (25) has been an active player ever since he has started playing at FIDE rated events in 2012. He has represented Venezuela in 15th IBCA Chess Olympiad in 2017 and scored 6 points out of 9.

Jesus Camilo Osorio (PAN, ELO: 1882)
The 35 years old player from Panama plays mainly at club championships in his country and Ankara will be his first time playing a FIDE rated event abroad.
Stanislav Babarykin (RUS, ELO: 2403)

FM Stanislav Babarykin from Russia is the highest rated player of the event and arguably the most on-form player overall. The 25 years old FIDE Master is 2018 IBSA World Chess Champion and he had many notable performances both at team events and open tournaments in Russia.

Tambuzhai Kadilamwando (ZAM, ELO: NA)

The 18 years old player from Zambia will play her first FIDE rated event in Ankara and it will surely be a wonderful experience for her to be able to compete against good players while representing her country and continent.

Mohamed Taha Khabou (TUN, ELO: 1408)

The 25 years old player from Tunisia is quite new to competitive chess but he has been an active player this year and is coming to Ankara battle hardened.

Jamal Messala (MAR, ELO: 1982)

Jamal Messala from Morocco has participated twice in FIDE World Chess Championship for Disabled, first in 2013 and then in 2015, and has achieved 3,5/7 and 4/7 scores at those strong events.

Mohamed Helmy Masoud (EGY, ELO: 1876)
Although his rating has dropped a bit recently Mohamed Helmy Masoud (61) is quite a decent player from Egypt and is a regular at national tournaments.
Mohamed Zabeib (EGY, ELO: 2115)
Mohamed Zabeib (62) plays in the Egyptian tournaments and the Egyptian chess leagues with success and is a player who is not to be taken lightly as his rating shows.
Jesus Adrian Barrios Chamorro (PAR, ELO: 1578)
Jesus Adrian Barrios Chamorro from Paraguay has participated in the Panamerican Championship for the Blind and Visually Impaired this year and has got a respectable 5/7 score.
Natasha Morales Santos (PUR, ELO: 1962)

WIM Natasha Morales Santos is a one of the most succesful chess players from Puerto Rico and being only 21 years old she has already represented her country twice in the Chess Olympiads.

Jennitha Anto Karickai Irudayaraj (IND, ELO: 1972)

WIM Jennitha Anto from India has been six-times IPCA Women’s World Champion, a fantastic achievement which could only be equalled by IM Obodchuk in the open section. She has also won four medals -including a gold- in 2018 Asian Para Games.

Svetlana Gerasimova (RUS, ELO: 1920)

WFM Svetlana Gerasimova is the acting president of IPCA but it doesn’t mean that she has given up on competitive chess. The ex IPCA Women’s World Champion still continues to play at many events including Olympiads, FIDE Championships for Disabled and of course IPCA Championships with success.

Andrei Obodchuk (RUS, ELO: 2296)

IM Andrei Obodchuk is the six-times IPCA World Champion and thus he holds the record in this category. However chess enthusiasts might know him for another excellent achievement of his, a great opening book he authored on the Spanish Four Knights called “The Four Knights Game”.

Igor Yarmonov (UKR, ELO: 2388)

IM Igor Yarmonov (52) is the current IPCA (International Physically Disabled Chess Association) World Champion, his fifth title overall. He is also the second highest rated player of the event and thus a strong addition to Team Europe.

Griffin McConnell (USA, ELO: 1769)
Griffin McConnell (15) is a young talent from USA who has got the third place in 2018 FIDE World Junior Chess Championship for Players with Disabilities. He also plays regularly at the open tournaments in USA and will definitely be an important asset for Team Americas.
Tatyana Lukina (RUS, ELO: 1635)

Tatyana Lukina is an experienced player who has achieved many successful results at important championships for deaf players including 2nd place in 2012 World Senior Chess Championship and 7th place in 2018 Russian Chess Championship.

Eugenio Campos (ANG, ELO: 2259)

Having been twice the champion of his country (1994,1999) as well as winning the African Junior Chess Championship for two years in a row (1994,1995) IM Eugenio Campos is one of the established names of the African chess. He represented Angola multiple times in Olympiads and also attended the Karpov Chess School in Sweden.

Sultan Kozhakhmetov (KAZ, ELO: 1689)
The 16 years old Sultan Kozakhmetov has begun playing chess only three years ago but since then he has got a respectable 16th place at the 2017 Asian Championship for the Disabled and also became the champion of Kazakhstan this year.
Dzhanysh Arstanbekov (KGZ, ELO:1713)
The experienced Kyrgyz national master has been the winner of the Kyrgyzstan Championship for the Disabled for three years in a row between 2016-2018. His other notable successes include 3rd place in 2019 Kyrgyzstan Senior Chess Championship and 2nd place at 2017 Asian Chess Championship for the Disabled.
Jarno Scheffner (GER, ELO: 1944)

A 19 years old player from Nordhorn/Germany, Scheffner has got the 5th place in FIDE World Junior Chess Championship for the  Disabled, played in the USA earlier this year. The young German talent was also member of the Team Niedersachsen which took the third place in 2018 World Team Chess Championship for Disabled.


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